Friday, August 15, 2014

I took the Adya clarity

Recently I had someone submit a question. What were my results with Adya Clarity? I should preface this by saying I have an abnormal immune system and don't usually respond to medications or supplements as expected. However, I did not expect to actually get worse. I took Adya Clarity for several months in conjunction with a very low glycemic/carbohydrate diet. I ate primarily vegetables with some nuts and seeds. After a few months I was so bored of my food and decided to try a piece of fruit. That was met with excruciating pain. Then I tried some cooked quinoa. Again, I felt a lot of pain. 

I started to lose hair, was extremely fatigued, and my skin got really dry. I started getting desperate and listened to my doctor's suggestion that perhaps a little bit of meat once a week to every couple weeks may not be a bad idea. I struggled with my ethics and compromised them because I felt like I was dying. It's also easier to blame how you feel physically on something you can control - like food. Everything hurt. But meat was not the solution. In fact, it made matters worse. I tried some meat and ended up stuck in a baseball stadium stall evacuating both ends. It was epic. 

I stayed on the low carbohydrate, vegan diet (I had no choice) and took stool tests to see if I had bacterial or parasite problems. Then my doctor put me on ketotifen. He felt that my mast cells were releasing histamines and attacking my small intestines in particular. Mast cells are most prevalent in the lungs, skin, and small intestines. I had developed asthma for the first time since my childhood. I had rashes on my back. My small intestines were killing me any time I tried to eat something out of my steadily restrictive diet.

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